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EYE CONTOUR Dermo Smoothing triple active Eye cream


The eye area is very delicate, sensitive and susceptible to ageing, so it requires exceptional care.

Intensive dermo smoothing, triple active eye cream reduces mimic wrinkles and effectively slows down the appearance of signs of ageing. Especially selected active ingredients permeate inside the skin to smooth out and reduce wrinkles and restore the effect of a relaxed and radiant look.



 – SMOOTHING – it stimulates production of collagen and elastin fibres, makes the skin exceptionally smooth and noticeably firmer.

 – ANTI-WRINKLE – it reduces the length and depth of wrinkles under the eyes, on the upper eyelid, and crow’s feet. It prevents five types of wrinkles around the eyes (1. static, 2. mimic, 3. gravitational, 4. linear, 5. after-sun).

 – CONCEALING – it reduces the visibility of dark circles under the eyes and eliminates swelling caused by fatigue and skin dehydration.


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