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JANTAR Conditioner with Amber extract for hair and scalp


JANTAR Hair and scalp conditioner with amber extract The recipe of this conditioner provides for most essential needs of thin, frail, delicate hair and hair with a tendency to oiliness. It contains biologically active substances that stimulate hair growth: Trichogen®, Polyplant Hair®, biologically active amber extract as well as vitamins A , E , F, and D-Panthenol. Conditioner Jantar inhibits hair loss, stimulates their growth and nutrition. It contains ingredients which are necessary for the proper conduct of skin’s physiological processes, its nutrition and regeneration. Used regularly, the conditioner improves metabolism and oxygenation of hair roots, regenerates and soothes irritation. Leaves hair thicker, shiny and resistant to damage. Conditioner strengthens the hair structure and protects it from harmful environmental influences and the sun. ◕ Usage: Rub into the scalp daily for 3 weeks, after a few days to resume treatment. Do not rinse. ◕ ◕ JANTAR line for delicate, thin and weak hair Jantar series of products, inspired by the richness of nature, is based on advanced plant bio-complexes and uses the magical power of amber. Products contain natural extract of amber, a complex of vitamins A, E, F and Inutec – a natural prebiotic with excellent conditioning properties. Amber extract nourishes, strengthens and smoothes the hair. ◕◕◕ For more information please visit website: www.myjantar.co.uk

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