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SKIN AQUA INTENSIVE Exclusive bio-cream Moisturising and Brightening under the Eyes and Eyelids


The unique, rich bio cream formula, based on natural ingredients, provides comprehensive care for sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.
Anthozoa and Atlantic algae oxygenate skin cells and improve its firmness and elasticity. Collagen and hyaluronic acid provide strong, immediate and long-lasting hydration, delaying the aging process. Argan oil perfectly strengthens and nourishes the skin, smoothing wrinkles and crow’s feet. Eyes complex reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles under the eyes and soothes irritations, bringing relief and comfort to tired eyes. Additionally, a natural UV filter included in the cream protects against harmful external factors, delaying the aging process of the skin. Recipe of the cream has been enriched with innovative Inutec – a natural prebiotic which increases the effectiveness of the other ingredients, gives a feeling of lasting hydration and makes the skin silky smooth.
Regular use of bio cream intensely and deeply moisturizes the skin, effectively quenching its thirst and relieves the symptoms of fatigue, giving the look of freshness and radiance.

– prolonged and intense hydration to the skin 97% ,
– clear shallow and smoothing of wrinkles 89% ,
– improved elasticity and tension of the skin 92% ,
– reduced puffiness and dark circles 83% ,
– relaxed, rested and fresh skin 100% .


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