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SKIN AQUA INTENSIVE Exclusive bio-cream Moisturizing and regenerating NIGHT


Using natural active components, the unique, rich formula effectively improves the condition of the skin, making it look beautiful and young much longer.

Coral, plankton extract and Atlantic algae stimulate cell regeneration and rebuild the structure of the skin during sleeping, enhancing its resistance to the unfavorable impacts of external factors. Argan oil nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the skin, delaying the aging processes. Hyaluronic acid and elastin ensure strong, immediate and lasting moisturizing effects, remove fine wrinkles and irregularities, and eliminate the signs of fatigue, making the skin soft and smooth again. The cream is enriched with the innovative Inutec – a natural prebiotic that enhances the effects of the other components, offers a lasting moisturizing sensation and makes the skin look beauty and radiant after you wake up.

Regular application ensures lasting moisturizing effects and supports skin regeneration at night. Additionally, the beautiful scent keeps your skin comfortable, relaxed and calm while you sleep.


– deep and long-lasting moisturization 97%,

– making the wrinkles noticeably smoother 92%,

– facial features rejuvenation 86%,

– regeneration and strengthening the skin 94%


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