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Micellar fluid thoroughly removes makeup and cleanses the skin without compromising its natural balance.
Rich, specially designed formula, by using the highest quality active ingredients and micelles, ensures effective action:
– thoroughly cleanses and refreshes the skin, restoring its proper pH,
– odorless and non-alcoholic formula ensures safety of use for even most sensitive skin,
– does not leave a greasy film and does not dry out the skin, providing maximum comfort,
– makes the skin perfectly clean and silky smooth.

Mountain Crystal strengthens and regenerates the skin, adds energy and removes toxins as well as restores skin radiance, providing it a radiant look.
Marine Minerals oxygenate and renew skin cells, improve firmness and elasticity of the skin and restore its balance.
Protective and soothing Bio complex moisturizes and smoothes the skin and soothes irritation, protecting the skin against drying.
Aloe extract moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin, giving it vitality and beautiful appearance.