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SKIN PROFESSIONALS 55+ Super Firming Formula Cream Day


New Skin Professionals 55+ Super Firming Formula Day Cream -Elastine-Calcium-Collagen-Vitamins, 1.69 oz/ 50ml. Its rich, specially prepared formula, based on a unique combination of active components with a strong and distinctive activity, excellently cares for very mature skin, bringing back its vitality and beautiful, youthful appearance. Calcium and silicon with yeast glycoprotein stimulate cellular regeneration and increase the thickness of the skin, preventing its drooping. Collagen, elastine and hyaluronic acid provide long-term and deep skin moisturizing, improve its firmness, resilience and elasticity, excellently smoothen and reduce the length, depth and quantity of wrinkles. Folacin and the complex of vitamins A, C, E and F closed in nanolipid carrier offer protection from the destructive activity of free radicals and effectively rejuvenate the skin. Centella Asiatica – commonly called the miraculous elixir of life – improves microcirculation and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, preventing their widening and breaking. UV filters effectively offer protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation, support the natural defence mechanisms of the skin and slow down its aging process. Regular application of the cream noticeably rejuvenatesthe facial features and improve the shape of the face. The skin is excellently moisturized and firmer, and the wrinkles are shallower, shorter and less visible.


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